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Dear Diary

9 Jul

Today I am writing this in English and the reason is very simple: I don’t want my parents to worry about me. I don’t want them to think there is something wrong. But there is.


Truth be told, I’ve been depressed for a while now. I’m already used to having ups and downs but this time down isn’t going up and it feels like I have to drag myself to do the usual daily tasks. I drag myself from bed, I drag myself to work, I drag myself home again and so on. I try to put a smile on my face and laugh because I believe that maybe I can fool myself into feeling good but it hasn’t been possible. I try hard to fool myself but I guess I’m not that stupid.


And yes, I know depression lies, I know there is a bright world outside my dark mind and I know nothing horrible is going on and yet I can’t find reasons to be joyful, happy or even relaxed. I’ve read that my new anti-seizure meds can cause depression, hallucinations and more side effects and currently I really hope it’s that and not that Prozac stopped working for me. I need to go to the doctor, I know, but I’ve been too much to the doctor lately (with my brain aneurysm and all that I had to live last year). I think I probably need a shrink, but I need the neurologist first and it sucks to think about so many doctor appointments I need to get just to fix a little switch in my brain.


My brain is all fucked up. I guess it has always been like that and I’ve managed to live with it. It’s not like I’m going to flirt with suicide. I don’t want to kill myself; I just want to stop living. So that’s exactly how I feel right now: without any will to live. Without hope and it also drives me mad because there is no reason to be hopeless. I have a beautiful marriage, awesome parents, three cute cats, a nice job, videogames and books and still life doesn’t seem worth living.


Maybe that is what gets me angry the most: my inability to shake this depression away with all the good things I have. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I am. I don’t even know whom should I be thankful to because I don’t believe in God, but at least I should be able to be grateful to the people that stand by my side everyday. I guess this too shall pass, like so many depression periods before this one and many ones that will come. Rationally I KNOW the world is not bad and I KNOW this is just the lack of serotonin talking, but emotionally FEELS a little bit different. It feels like a tunnel with no way out. A tunnel that you walk and just takes you deeper and deeper into some unknown darkness. Like a bottomless pit that you know can’t possibly be bottomless, but totally feels like it. You just want to reach the bottom and find a way out but instead you keep falling and falling. This sucks. Stupid bottomless pit. Stupid dark tunnel.


Writing this is a way to let my feelings out so that they don’t drown me. I’m not looking for help or trying to get attention. I just wanted to post this so that maybe by letting words come out I can feel the brightness come in again.