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An open letter to Gareth

13 Aug

It’s your birthday. The usual should be said: happy birthday, have fun, enjoy, eat cake, get lots of presents, get drunk…

I know this is just another date to you and I have tried to explain why it shouldn’t be. It’s silly, maybe, but it is what works for me. People like us struggle every day. Sometimes it’s hard to leave the bed jiand do simple things. Sometimes even eating takes a lot of effort. Sometimes lighting a cigarette is all we feel like doing (or in your case getting coffee and a cig). And that is the struggle. The battle we deal with every single day, so if you ask me for reasons to celebrate your birthday I can give you one big reason: you have managed to stay alive for another year. You have been winning the every day little battles! That should make you feel victorious and give you joy. You should feel proud for an accomplishment that seems easy to everyone but really isn’t to people like us. And just like you and me there are thousands (like the Never Nudes Tobias Fünke represents) and they also need to celebrate their birthdays.

So Gareth, I won’t remind you of the beautiful things you have in your life like your daughter or your gilrfriend. I want to remind you of what you have been doing for 28 years with success. And I want to remind you that you have plans for your life now and the best is yet to come if you keep working for it. I am not saying your fish won’t die (they will keep dying until we find those robotic fish we’ve been looking for), but you will certainly know that it will all pass and it’s just another battle to stay alive. And then we’ll celebrate next year too.

How about getting some of these robo-fish?

How about getting some of these robo-fish?